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Savings Plans

Personal Savings For The Future.

Long term saving is one of the best ways to prepare for long term goals and help build overall wealth.

A well balanced approach to saving should take account of the short, medium and longer term, the level of access required, need for growth and appetite for risk.

Short term goals (where you may need access to your money) are likely to be best met by traditional access deposit accounts. Longer term goals, such as saving for your retirement, saving for children's education or moving house in the future, allow you to consider a different approach.

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Educational Savings Plan

As a parent, you want to give your child the best possible start to adult life. A good solid education can help jump start your child on to great accomplishments in later life.

This, however, can be expensive. This is why early planning for your children's education is really helpful because it spreads the cost over a longer period. Also, there are different savings options to choose from, some of which may bring higher growth potential.

Annual Gift Tax Exemption

A simple way to take advantage of the Annual Gift Tax Exemption is to start a savings plans for the ones you love, when set up correctly they can benefit from the Annual Gift Tax Exemption of €3,000 each year meaning that these funds don’t form part of their inheritance in years to come, speak to one of our Qualified Financial Advisers about setting a plan up today.  

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